Propose a session

All THATCamp CAA attendees are active participants in setting the agenda. This conversation will begin on-line and continue at THATCamp. After the completion of your registration, you will be expected to contribute to this page and to the discussions that follow. This will jump-start programming and provide a forum for proposing and honing session topics with colleagues.

Why are sessions proposed this way?
Proposing sessions before a THATCamp and building a schedule during the first session of a THATCamp ensures that session topics are current, and that unconference participants will collaborate on a shared task. An unconference, in Tom Scheinfeldt’s words, is fun, productive, and collegial, and at THATCamp, therefore, “We’re not here to listen and be listened to. We’re here to work, to participate actively. We’re here to get stuff done.”

Here are the kinds of sessions people generally propose at THATCamp:

General discussion
Sometimes people just want to get together and talk informally, with no agenda, about something they’re all interested in. Propose a session on a topic that interests you, and if other people are interested, they’ll show up to talk about it with you.

Writing session
A group of people get together to start writing something. Writing can be collaborative or parallel: everyone can work together or by themselves to write an article, a manifesto, a book, a blog post, or a plan.

Working session
You’re working on something (a website, visualization, digital publication, etc.), and you suspect that other participants might be able to help you with it. You describe problems you want solved and questions you want answered. This is not an hour-long demo; you should come with specific questions or tasks you want the group to help you with.

Grab bag
Indefinable by definition.


  • To add a new session proposal, leave a message in the text box below
  • To leave a comment or ask a question about a proposal already listed, hit “reply”