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NMAH Story: Story

I will always remeber 9/11. I was a freashman in High school and my sister and I were on our way to school when we heard what had happened. The dj on the radio said that a plane crash in to the world trade tower. At that time i had no idea what that really was. Than we went to school and we were watching the news on tv. we were just watching the frist tower burn than all of a sudden we saw an other plane come and hit the other tower. I couldnt believe it all those innocent people in there and I felt gult because there I was sitting in English not knowing how luky I am. I always took beging an American for granded I never knew how luky I am to be able to live in the land of freedom. where no dream is out of reach. But now Im prouder than ever of America and I love my country.United we stand united we fall. I was always believe this.

NMAH Story: Life Changed

Yes my life has changed because of 9/11 but not in a bad way like so many others I am greatfull. I have change because now i know how luky I am to be able to live in this great country. And I thank God everyday to be able to live here.

NMAH Story: Remembered

I already think there is to much hate in this world. so lets not remeber the horrable thing that happend but pray for them all. We should remember all the heros that arose that day. All the people that were killed and there family members.Remember how all Americans united and showed how we all love this country. And that were so luky to be able to live in freedom. And no body can take that away from us. People before fought for this freedom and have and some even gave ther lifes for it. And I know I glady do the same today.

NMAH Story: Flag

Im prond of the American flag more than I have ever been and I will always be.


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